All products are organic, gluten-free, GMO-Free and are acceptable for vegetarians, vegans and lacto-vegetarians.

Organic Thai Long Grain Rice


Thailand’s premium, non fragrant, long-grain variety and one of the great rices of world commerce. Characterised by its well-shaped, individual grains and lack of natural aroma. Long Grain is popularly used as a base for rice milks, popping and everyday consumption.

Available in white and brown.

Organic Thai Hom Mali Rice


Named after the sweet-smelling flower, Jasmine, Thailand’s premium fragrant rice is famed for its pandanus aroma and soft texture. Through consistent post-harvest care we preserve the tender nose, taste and mouth experience of the chosen terroir.

Available in white, semi & brown.

Organic Thai Fragrant Rice


A close cousin of the famed Hom Mali variety. Similar in fragrance, appearance and taste to Hom Mali.

Available in white, semi & brown.

Organic Thai Red Rice


A lowland variety of rice with a natural red-brown coloured bran. Red rice is popular for its nutty flavour and crunchy texture. Often blended with other varieties to give a pleasing appearance on the plate.

Organic Thai Black Non-Glutinous Rice


Recognised for its antioxidant and vitamin content, the dark bran also shades the dish a deep purple on cooking.

Organic Thai Glutinous Rice


Naturally sticky and sweet, this rice is the staple rice eaten in the North and North-Eastern regions. Prepared by soaking and steaming, glutinous rice has qualities well suited to both strong savoury dishes and sweet Thai deserts.

Available in white and brown.

Organic Thai Black Glutinous Rice


This exotic, sticky, long-grain black rice grows exclusively on steep hill-sides. When cooked this delicately flavoured, sweet smelling and tasting rice takes on a deep purple appearance. Traditionally used to flavour and colour desserts.

Organic Rice Flour


NGC rices can be dry milled into flour with grain sizes adaptable to suit our customers’ needs. Ranging from a fine powder to a course, grainy consistency. Made to order.

Organic Sugar


A premium grade refined organic sugar. This odourless, flavourless sweetner is well suited as a food ingredient.

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