In house specifications that surpass Government Export Trade Standard Grades are used. As with any natural product, specifications are subject to natural variation. Rice can be milled to varying degrees and further processed as follows:

  • Minimally milled – brown rice
  • Semi milled – (made to order)
  • Milled – white rice
  • Broken rice – (made to order)
  • Flour – (made to order)


NGC only uses newly manufactured bags. The following sizes, materials and labelling options are offered:

  • Woven PP bags: 10 kg – 50 kg; 1 MT (jumbo bags)
  • PE bags
  • Multi-ply paper bags: 25 kg
  • Customers’ private label
  • Other specified bag marks
  • EURO-pallets bearing ‘EPAL’ quality mark.
  • Heat treated + IPPC stamped.
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